Master Card - Rugby

Creatively Lead and Retouched for Taylor James

As the Creative Lead on this project for Taylor James, I directed a location shoot outside the famous Harrods building as well as a studio shoot to capture the dresses. 

I made sure we photographed the garments on real models who ran and jumped on to crash mats. A sports coach was brought in to ensure we captured accurate rugby poses as well as authentic motion ripples in the fabric.


Once back in the studio I oversaw the creation of custom mannequins which were posed to match our hero selects of the dresses.


After the extensive cleanup and extensions of the background, I then comped the CGI models into the Harrods shop window and posed the outfits on to them. All that was left to do then was add the reflection of the glass over the top and add a grade the image to help sell the warmth from the storefront.