HEINEKEN - Open Your World

Creatively Lead and Part Retouched for Taylor James. Photography by Andy Glass.


This global campaign was shot by photographer Andy Glass and edited by myself and the team at Taylor James.


I oversaw the creation of the Neon city bottle building, boats for the Regatta image and water for the Amsterdam image in CGI, while guiding a team of retouchers on the extensive amount of work needed on a campaign of this scale.


The Neon City image in particular was a challenge as the original shots were captured in times square, meaning there were crowds of people in every plate that we needed to remove. We then had to add countless neon sign in the background to ensure the location was seen as a melting pot of different countries.


As well as creatively leading the whole production I was actively retouching some of the shots myself such as the Fireworks image and Aerial City Streets image. Finally, I worked closely with Photographer Andy Glass to create a colour style that flowed beautifully throughout all the images on the campaign.

Additional Retouchers: Jennie Nystedt, Helene Andris, Josh Rogers, Matt East, Antony Holt, Michel Groot