London based, with a background in photography and over 8 years experience retouching and creatively leading projects in an international Creative Production studio.


On-set Retouching

I have extensive experience as an on-set retoucher, having been on location in Singapore and Madrid, as well as working on dozens of studio shoots in the UK.

An experienced retoucher on-set can offer valuable advice on capturing the most efficient material to be used in the post-production process, as well as bringing low-res compositions together live, allowing the photographer to make well-informed decisions throughout the shoot day.

Photographic Retouching 

Known for my attention to detail, I am accomplished in all forms of photographic retouch, from cleanup to multipart comp integration. I have worked on landscapes, cityscapes, characters, beauty, fashion, liquids, product, food, automotive and more.

CGI Integration

I have a great understanding of the CGI progress, having overseen many 3D artists throughout my time at production house "Taylor James". I am able to use raw passes to push the realism and quality of renders, and integrate them seamlessly with photography if needed.

Artistic Direction

I have creatively led campaigns for clients such as Heineken and MasterCard. Using my extensive knowledge of each area within the production process, I am able to give valuable advice on how best to approach a brief efficiently and help complete images to the highest quality.

Colour Grading

To give final images an extra flourish, I can create a custom colour grade.

Working closely with Art Directors/Photographers, I use various techniques to create something unique for each project. These colour grades can help multiple campaign images sit together or create a stylised effect for a solo piece.